Sunday, November 2, 2014

Spirit Equipped for Spiritual Service Part III

Romans 12:1-8
God calls, equips and empowers the church for its ministry. Our review will look at characteristics of the gifts of Prophesy and Service as expressed in a believer, how they may serve in the Body of Christ and problems that may occur when the gift is misused or abused. 
·      We are transformed by the renewing of the mind. 
Romans 12:1-2
·      We are humbled by power of grace.  Romans 12:3
·      We are gifted by the Spirit for service.   Romans 12:4-6a
PROPHECY - Romans 12: 6b

SPIRIT-LED Characteristics of Prophecy:
1. A Strong need for Verbal Expression.
2. An Ability to Discern the Character and Motives of Other People.
3. A Tendency to Become Wholeheartedly Involved.
4. Are Naturally Impulsive.
5. Are Open to Correction.
6. Are Extremely Loyal.
7. Are Willing to Suffer for What is Right.
8. Are Persuasive in Defining Truth

Common Misunderstandings About the Gift of Prophecy:
1. They may be viewed as impatient and impulsive,
2. They may appear overbearing in making a point
3. Those with the gift of prophecy are often seen as being intolerant because of their strong sense of right and wrong.
4. They are thought to be poor listeners because they are eager to proclaim the truth.
5. Their frankness may be viewed as harshness.
6. Their strict standards can hinder them from experiencing intimate personal relationships.

NON-SPIRIT-LED Characteristics of Prophecy:
1. They will use the power of this gift to get their way with deception and the twisting of truth.
2. There is a natural insensitivity to others and this will lead to pride and arrogance.
3. When walking in the flesh, this believer will be less forgiving and more prone to cruelly reject others.
4. Under pressure and out of the Spirit they will become dictatorial, domineering, demanding, angry, intense, forceful, direct, and bossy.

SERVICE - Mark 10:43-45

SPIRIT-LED Characteristics of Service:
1. See and meet Practical Needs.  
2. Free Others to Achieve.
3. Have No Regards for Weariness.
4. Have Difficulty Saying No.
5. Are Alert to Likes and Dislikes.
6. Have A Strong Desire to be with Other People.
7. Need Approval and Recognition.
8. Enjoy Short-Range Projects.
9. Often Feel Unqualified for Spiritual Leadership.

Common Misunderstandings About the Gift of Service:
1. Often a readiness to meet needs of others can seem like mere pushiness.
2. A desire to avoid bureaucracy and "red tape" may seem disrespectful.
3. The eagerness to serve can resemble a drive for self-advancement.
4. The insistence upon serving will seem like an unwillingness to be served.
5. Meeting practical needs may be seen as apathy toward spiritual ones.

NON SPIRIT-LED Characteristics of Service
1. The servant's natural alertness to need becomes an insensitivity to it.
2. The servant's availability gives way to a self-centered aloofness, and endurance is replaced by a tendency to give up. 
3. When under pressure they may become selfless, sacrificing, weak-willed, cooperative, sympathetic, sensitive
4. They may become bitter about being used up.
5. They may become co-dependent, finding their value in others and their needs and not their own.

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