Sunday, August 19, 2018


2 Samuel 6:1-13
The longer a person lives the Christian life, the more we notice the areas that need changing. I’ve come to learn that it’s impossible to change and grow spiritually in your own power. If we, as believers, will submit to the Lord and His plans, we can see the change that we desperately desire. The Lord invites us to the altar of His presence that we may be altered into His image.

      I.     David Took a WorldlyApproach to Solve a SpiritualIssue.  

·  Our goal should be to reachthe world, not become likethe world.
·  Our goal should be relevance, but not at the expense of reverence.
·  Our goal should be to grow strongmore than it is to grow large.
·  Our goal should be edificationand evangelismmore than entertainment.

    II.     At Nacon’s Threshing Floor, David Discovered That the Strengthof Man is Unnecessary in the Planof God. 

·  The threshing floor is where the substantialis separated from the trivial.

·  The bump at the threshing floor is necessaryto separate the chaff from the wheat in our walkwith the Lord.
·  David thought he was doing something for God, but later realized he was doing the rightthing the wrongway.
·  A good and rightthing can be wrongif it is out of place.

   III.     David Learnedfrom His Mistakesand did Things God’s Way.

·  We must continually come to the altar of the Lord to seek His Word, His will, and be “altar-ed”.
There are 2 things that every believer needs to know:
·  There is a Godand you are notHim

·  God does not expect usto do that which only Hecan do. 

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