Sunday, February 27, 2022

A Lazarus Situation

 A Lazarus Situation

John 11:1-44

In many of the circumstances we face, we can't control the clock or other people. In reality, God has integratedsuch difficulties in our lives as a means to reveal Himself to us.

God’s Love Isn’t Always Revealed In Favorable Circumstances Or Satisfaction.

We often associate the word love with comfort, but God associates love with faith.

·  God will not be manipulated by our circumstances. Neither will God be moved by how uncomfortable we may be in a situation.

Our incapacity to see God at work in our difficult circumstances is not an indicator of his love towards us or the limit of his ability for us.

·  We often confuse God's love with proof in circumstantial evidence.

How We Respond To Our Disappointments Is A Greater Indicator Of Our Faith Than Of God’s Love For Us.

The disappointments and difficulties we face should not change our understanding of who Jesus is.

Our response to disappointments and difficulties reveals if our faith has been built on what Jesus can do or who he truly is.

·  Faith and obedience are God’s love languages. 

The disappointments and difficulties we face are all part of God’s plan.

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