Sunday, August 28, 2016

That’s Why We Praise Him!

Romans 8: 26-39
God is worthy of our praise, not only for who He is, but what He has done and is doing in our lives.  Consider these acts of God that create a spirit of thanksgiving and praise.
God does not demand praise, but invokes praise from the hearts of His children.
P RAYER interpreted by the Spirit v.26-27
Real communication involves the transfer of feelings as well as facts.
To say you don’t know how to pray is like saying you don’t know how to feel.
What we ignore, the Spirit ignites.  What we keep in the dark, the Spirit illuminates.
R IGHTEOUSNESS given through his plan v.28-30
God saves us with an effectual call.
God saves us for His purpose.
Just as I was not made right with God by my works I am not kept right with God by my works.
A SSURANCE found in His power v.31 
No individual can prove himself worthy of a savior.
We ARE all sinners…not WERE all sinners.
The ones who pride themselves on their religious works and morality may do so at the cost of Praise.
I NHERITANCE received through His grace v.32
The same God that has secured a heavenly place has provided an earthly peace. It is ours because we are His.
S ALVATION secured by His Son v.33-34
When faith is questioned, point to the cross and an empty grave.
E TERNITY possessed by His victorious love v.35-39

You cannot stop God from seeking to save you until you can stop Him from loving you.

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