Sunday, July 13, 2014

Freedom to Be…

Galatians 5:1
We refer to ourselves as a freedom loving people. Despite the fact that we aspire to freedom in our personal lives, and defend freedom among the nations of the world, still there is something about freedom that makes us uncomfortable.  Freedom is a dangerous thing for some and we know it.  But just how free are we?  Paul calls us to experience freedom to be.
Though we are a freedom loving people, we are quick to say there ought to be certain limits upon our freedom.
We quickly try to define freedom, confine it, limit it and control it.
I.  Real Freedom Still Has Boundaries - Luke 9:51-62
Physical, political and racial barriers restrict freedom.
Laws made to protect the freedoms of men can quickly turn to laws enforced to control the behavior of men.
Freedom for one must respect the rights of another.
II.   Real Freedom Separates Us From Others - Luke 9:57-58
Real freedom is scary because it puts us in touch with our vulnerability.
Real Freedom puts us in a position to experience fear and failure.
Freedom only provides potential for victory, not protection from failure.
III.   Real Freedom Requires Hard Choices - Luke 9:59-62
What these who offered commitment actually said was, “Tomorrow!”
Every commitment we have made limits the next decision we will make in our lives.
IV.  Real Freedom Requires Discipline - Galatians 5:1b
The demands of freedom cause many to return again to the bonds of slavery.  Galatians 4:9

Too many prefer law over grace and the comfort of measurable religion to the freedom and adventure of a vibrant relationship with the living God. 

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