Monday, November 18, 2019

God of the Gaps

Monday, November 18, 2019   Some material taken from Generation to Generations by Sam Nobles
One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts. Psalm 145:4
If we parents allow our children to grow up without this knowledge of God, we serve not only their ignorance and unbelief, but also their destruction.” – John Piper

We live in a very different world today than the world our ancestors knew.  Modern technology has brought the distraction levels to a new high, and the wonder and awe of the pages of a book are not so striking anymore.  The screen has taken the place of paper - paper anything - from documents, to forms, to textbooks, to books we read for pleasure and even the Bible.  It is convienient to have the Bible on our phones and not have to carry a big book, but with everygthing that could distract us from God’s word right there in the palm of our hands, our job as parents and grandparents is harder than ever to help our kids grasp the most important message we have to pass on.

We have created a world where people don’t have to do much thinking for themselves and we have conditioned our children to be entertained every second with something, anything. They hardly understand the value in sitting still and meditating or praying. Even adults are not still for very long in this fast paced world. So passing on the faith to the future generations may be harder than ever because the bridge between the generations is wider than ever.  I say that because of the differences in the world today and world our grandparents grew up in is so vast, that it can make communication harder.   

Even with these barriers, our job remains the same, if not more important.  With the use of technology, our current generations are one swipe away from falling into some serious trouble making it easier today than ever before to get tangled. Therefore we must be vigilant because Satan is on the prowl and he wants our kids.  If we make it our goal and focus to train our kids and gandkids about God, His kingdom, and His work, the next generation will be saved.  We need to constantly tell them about the blessings that will come their way if they walk according to God’s Word and the heartbreak they’ll experience if they choose a different direction.

If we make a commitment to pass on to our children that which you learn from the Lord, He’ll make sure to give you fresh revelation and practical application to share. If He can bridge the gap between heaven and earth, He can bridge the gap between the generations. He is the God of the gaps in our lives.  We have to be faithful and determined. It is a weighty responsibility, but the lives of the generations ahead are at stake.  Intentionally talk to your children and grandchildren about God every chance we get. Although many things are different between generations, God never changes. The God who parted the Red Sea is the God of your life too and this is what we must pass on.  The Bible is the same Bible our ancestors learned from.  Thought it may be translated in many ways, the words and precepts never change from generation to generation. 

Take every opportunity to talk to your children and grandchildren about God – at home, in the car, in the park, etc... Tell them the stories of your life - how God has worked in youir life, the miracles, revelations, and the answered prayers.  Give them examples of God’s faithfulness.  Don’t leave it for the church, or school, and grandparents - don’t leave it for the parents. That is how a whole generation can be lost.  We must all take the responsibility for the generations to come because His will and desire is for me and for you to do our part to make sure that the next generation hears of His mighty works and marvelous grace.

By Lara Cook

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