Sunday, September 20, 2015

“To the Fullest Extent”

John 13:1-17
The response of people to a church will be greatly determined by the way they "feel" as they worship with the membership.  Jesus shows us the proper atmosphere of a church in this passage.
How people “feel” will often be determined by how they are “treated.”
Atmosphere - a surrounding or pervading mood, environment, or influence
Impact of Constant Love

·              Constant Love creates a sense of Acceptance. v.1

No one feels loved if they do not feel that they are accepted.

·              Constant Love creates security and trust.   I John 1:8

·              Constant Love is a drawing love.

Seekers today will actually belong before they will believe.

·              Constant Love is a selfless love.

Self-Interest can keep you from serving like Jesus.

Servant Love and Hospitality v.4-5

·              Shown by personal, physical attention

·              Shown by informality of ministry

Servant love has no demands.  It does not take…it gives. 

Serving others takes time and our attention.

Servant Love and Holiness v.6-10

·              The Demand of Holiness by Christ v.8
·              The Desire for Holiness by disciples v.9
·              The Depth of Holiness  v.10

Servant Love and Humility v.12-15

The natural response of holiness is not pride but humility.
·              Dependent on proper understanding  v.12 
·              Dependent on proper profession  v.13
·              Dependent on personal participation  v.14
Christian fellowship is in serving together, not sitting together.

·              Demonstrated by Christ's example  v.15  Philippians 2:5-8

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