Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Snapshot of a Christian

Colossians 1:9-14
The Philippian jailer is well remembered for his statement "What must I do to be saved?"  The question that needs to be answered today is, "What should I do after I'm saved?"  Paul’s prayer for the Colossians is a snapshot of a responsible Christian life. 
When born into God’s family by faith in Jesus Christ, the believer is born with all they need for growth and maturity: “and in Him you have been made complete”  Colossians 2:10
Paul prays that these believers will:
  • Be Filled with God’s Spirit.  v.9
To be filled can mean to be “completed.”
External coercion will never equal internal conversion.
  • Understand God's Will. v.9
We understand the will of God through the Word of God.
God has not hidden Himself nor His will from anyone except those who will not seek Him where He may be found in His Word.
  • Walk God's Way.  v.l0a
What controls your thoughts will control your behavior.
The sequence is important: first, wisdom; then walk; then work.
  • Bear God's Fruit. v.l0b
The natural result of a man encountering God is internal change and external service.
One who bears the mind of Christ and walks in the will of Christ will bear the fruit of Christ.
  • Claim God's Power. v.11
Human effort in accomplishing Divine objectives is futile.
  • Praise God's Name. v.12-14

    • For His gift of salvation  "qualified us" “For He rescued us”  
    • For His gift of heaven  "inheritance"  “transferred us to the kingdom”
    • For His gift of redemption  the forgiveness of sins” 

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