Sunday, August 23, 2020

God’s Warrior from Manasseh Part 2

God’s Warrior from Manasseh Part 2
Judges 6-7

We are going to take a journey through Judges 6-7 and I hope over the next few weeks to look at the life of Gideon.  A defeated nation finds victory led by a common man.  This story is a lesson for people who discount themselves or are just ready to throw in the towel from constant defeat. 

    II.        A Sinful People 6:1-2;7-10

   III.        A Defeated People 6:3-5

  IV.        The Extraordinary in the Midst of the Ordinary 6:11

    V.         A Coward or a Conqueror? 6:12

  VI.         Doubts from Despair 6:13

VII.    Weakness turns to Worship  6:14-22

·   Most of the time, our failure to accept the direction of God to do a work is our lack of confidence in ourselves, not God.

·   You will never know what God can do with you until you surrender.

·   Have you ever wondered if your offering to God is received by God?

·   Our worship should be an acceptable sacrifice of praise, possession or life filled with humility and gratitude before Jehovah God!

·   The affordable sacrifice is not a sacrifice.

·   It wasn’t what Cain gave.  It was how he gave what he gave.

·   The gift of praise, possession or life is a reflection of the heart and faith of the believer.

·   Fear is the natural response of anyone when meeting with holiness.

·   If God is holy and sin cannot abide in His presence, yet He is omnipresent, why do we as sinners not die?

·   God looks on sin yet withholds judgment of sin by hiding His countenance which would be His full person.

·   Jehovah-shalom speaks to the nature of God not just a name of God. 

VII.    Real Worship Leads to Repentance 6:25-27

·   Repentance is more than sorrow or regret.  It is to make a judgment of the past and a redirection of the future.

·   God was creating a warrior out of a wimp, a conqueror out of a coward and a leader for His people.

·   An idol of the heart is anything that rules me other than God.

·   There is no use building a new altar of sacrifice if you don’t tear down the old one.

·   The greatest influence of any change in our lives will be on those closest to us

   VIII.    The Impact of One Man’s Commitment  6:25-27

·   We have no idea how big an influence the change in our lives can have on others

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