Sunday, December 13, 2015

When You Follow a Star and Find a Stable

Matthew 2:1-12
We can all identify with the experience of the Wise Men.  Great expectations are often dimmed by the dull reality of life.  What do you do when you follow a star and find a stable?
We live in a world of unmet expectations.
Disappointment is a difficult emotion to deal with in life.
The stable experiences of life are tests of flexibility and faith.
I.     Look for God in the Stable  v.9-10
The death of our vision may create the means of God to give us what He desired in His way, not ours.
Just because we know God's direction in our lives may not mean we know His method.
Give God your expectations.
Changing YOU may be the key to changing your circumstances.
II.     Offer Your Best to God in the Stable  v.11
Overcome a tendency to meet second-rate circumstances with half-hearted efforts.
Recognize that where your treasure is your heart will be also.
Giving gets our heart and mind involved.
Recognize that attitude has everything to do with experience.
Boredom – The inability to take responsibility for your own happiness.
Recognize that we may be in positions that could be glorious if we would give ourselves to them.
Just because something is not what you thought it would be does not make it of lesser value.
III.     Receive the Direction of God through the Experience of the Stable  v.12
Contact with God in the present may alter your future direction.

You may find the best of God in the worst of life. 

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