Sunday, April 10, 2016

Footsteps of Jesus

Ephesians 4:14-16
Viewing the life of Christ some see only the cradle and the cross as important.  The beginning and the end are so vitally important but there is certainly much more.  Following the footsteps of Jesus we discover the full purpose of His life.  How should this compare with our Christian experience?
The "abundant life" that Christ promised is not an initial spasm followed by chronic inertia awaiting deliverance by a rapture.
The Christian life is a pilgrimage, not a program.
The Christian life is not fully experienced by those who fail to recognize the purpose and plan of God in the places and encounters of our daily lives.
I. Bethlehem - Place of Birth - Luke 2:4-7
God’s plan for our life always has a beginning, but the beginning is not the end.
The tragedy of many is that conversion is the only known act of God in their life.
II. Nazareth - Place of Becoming   Luke 2:50-52
Our limitations in experiencing God's best are most often the result of not knowing God.
“I don't know how” or “I don't understand” should never be “I'm not learning”.
III. Jordan - Place of Baptism  Luke 3:21-22
The greatest gift you will ever give your family at the time of your death is your publicly professed faith in Jesus Christ.
IV. Wilderness - Place of Testing  Luke 4:1-2a
Satan doesn't mind us KNOWING, but DOING the will of God.
V. Judea, Galilee and Samaria - Place of Service .  Luke 4:43-44
There are some things that we can never learn about God or ourselves until we serve Him.
VI. Gethsemane - Place of Discernment   Luke 22:39-44
This is the Place of Death to Self.
VII. Calvary - Place of Fulfillment  Luke 23:33,46

Every Christian faces a place of sacrifice for God's will where they discover their ultimate kingdom purpose and experience in God.

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