Friday, June 24, 2016

Faithful in a Little

Submitted by Sam Nobles
One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much. (Luke 16:10 ESV)

One truth that you must know about God is that he rewards those who are faithful. Once you accept Jesus as Savior he will continually put you into places and circumstances to allow you to grow in your faith. These circumstances and situations will call for you to release a “little” faith in order to accomplish your God-given task. If you are faithful, you will find that you will have the faith required for the next challenge you face in life. Each time you trust God you will see more and more of the love and character of God revealed to you. Your faith and knowledge of God are inextricably linked.

Many of God’s people labor under the false notion that they would somehow change their work habits and heart attitudes if only something big came their way. God requires faithfulness in the seemingly small and unimportant things before He sends promotion. It will be through the small and least likely of things where you will be able to prove yourself faithful.

God knew that David would serve well as Israel’s king because He had seen David’s performance as a shepherd. David risked his life for sheep that did not even belong to him. It was David’s willingness to do small tasks faithfully, seeing God’s hand at work in that task which brought him into the forefront to face the Philistine named Goliath.

Whatever it may be, whoever it may involve, however small or insignificant it may seem, be faithful to God. Give 100% and have a positive attitude no matter what things may look like on the outside. Being faithful in smaller things means you will be faithful when you are entrusted with larger things. Likewise, being unfaithful in the smaller things means you will not be entrusted to handle larger things. God will not lead a person beyond their present level of obedience and trust in him.

The truth is, $1000 worth of faithfulness is payed off in nickels, dimes, and quarters. Realize that each step of faith you take is, at the same time, leading you into a deeper relationship with the Lord.

Scripture to Claim:

And David said, "The LORD who delivered me from the paw of the lion and from the paw of the bear will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine…" (1 Samuel 17:37 ESV)

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