Sunday, February 12, 2023

Kingdom Opportunities

Kingdom Opportunities

Colossians 4:5-6

Most Christian workers struggle with evangelism and so rarely do it.  We spend most of our time with Christians and minister to each other as evidence of our faith.  Misconceptions concerning what evangelism is and our personal responsibility to share inhibits God’s use of our lives to take the gospel to the world.

God gives kingdom purpose and opportunity to everyone He calls.  

Jesus called us to be “fishers” of men, not “hunters."

Influence is more powerful than confrontation to affect change.

The pool we are to “fish” in is our neighborhood, workplace or campus.

Evangelism Bait:

An Authentic Christian Life 

A life not driven by religion but a genuine relationship with Christ

A life displaying the Fruit of the Spirit

Faith-filled Talk 

Brief, appropriate statements about your faith tactfully inserted into secular conversation.

God can turn any of the circumstances of our everyday lives into opportunities for evangelism.

Go and Tell  v.17b; John 20:21

Our mission in this community must never be mainly a come and see mission. It must be a go and tell mission.

We are a church of tent-making witnesses to the gospel of Christ.

God has gospel purposes in all the setbacks of our lives.

Open Blind Eyes v.18a; 2 Corinthians 4:4,6

We pray for the miracle of spiritual sight for the blind and put the truth of Christ into a person's mind with a testimony.

Turn darkness to light  v.18b

Where there is spiritual blindness people are at home in the darkness of sin.

The power of Satan is broken by the Spirit of truth.

Receive Salvation  v.18c

It is faith in Christ which brings salvation and sanctification.

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