Sunday, October 9, 2022

The Church I Want to Belong To Part 3

The Church I Want to Belong To Part 3

Galatians 6:1-16

There is a great difference in God’s work of grace and man’s attempts to satisfy his wrath.  There is also a great difference in the way a grace church treats the fallen.  

The Church I Want to Belong To Is…

A Church That Seeks to Restore, not Condemn Galatians 6:1-2

WHO?  The one “caught” in sin.

WHAT? “restore” - Put back in position 

HOW?  In a spirit of meekness and fear 

Personal Responsibility and Accountability - v.3-5 

Many people consider themselves too “good” to care for the “bad” in people.

The proud person is the only one that can’t see their faults.

Sharing our faith will naturally cause us to evaluate our own.

We should care about the souls of others, but this care must begin with our own soul.

Growing in our faith and knowledge of God is a major responsibility for each believer.

The comparison of our lives is not to be against another believer but against the Word of God. 

Paul also seems to say that the evaluation of “Who I am” is not “What do I belong to.

A Grace Church accomplishes this differently than other churches

A Grace Church is not “cultic.”

A Grace Church highly values acceptance of every individual regardless of level of maturity, personal responsibility and accountability. 

The Priesthood of the Believer - Every person who is a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ has access directlyto God and is directly responsible to God.

Soul Competency - Each person has a God-given competence to know and follow God's will.

The Priesthood of Believers – a community of believers

This communal aspect of believer priesthood highlights the fact that being a Christian involves fellowshipwith other believers.

We have developed a Culture of Christian Co-dependency that leads believers to let someone else do the study and work and then tell them what to believe.  

The testimony of the church is dependent on individualsWe are each the church to someone.

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