Sunday, March 25, 2012

Moses the Reluctant Leader Part 4

Part 4 - “Submission or Obedience”
Exodus 4:13-17
God has challenged Moses with a great task.  Moses tries to hide behind His inability but God tells Him that He will not call Him to something that He doesn't equip him to do.  Moses reluctantly agrees and God is not happy.  He desires more than mere obedience.

  I.     Moses' Excuses vs. God's Provision 3:11 - 4:12

·             When I Doubt My Abilities I Trust in God’s Presence.  3:11-12

·             When I Doubt My Intelligence I Trust in God’s Revelation  3:14-21

·             When I Doubt My Influence I Trust in God’s Power 4:1-9 

·             When I Doubt My Speaking Skills I Trust God’s Spirit  4:10-12

While men seek better methods, God seeks better men.
God does not always call the equipped but always equips the called.
It is the Holy Spirit that touches the hearts of men and speaks the message they need to hear.

·      A Necessary Provision 4:14b-16

God provided Aaron to be the spokesperson. But Moses was held responsible for the message.

  II.     Moses' Consent 4:13-17

·      A Reluctant Acceptance 4:13

Moses felt compelled rather than inspired to serve.

·      An Angry Response 4:14a

God desires more than just obedience from Moses;  He wants a partnership not a puppet.
There is a difference between Submission and Obedience.
Submission is relational while obedience is practical.
Submission is an inward condition of the heart while obedience is an outward response to authority.
The primary motivation of obedience is often fear while the primary motivation of submission is love or respect.
Obedience vs. Submission = Transaction vs. Transformation  Romans 12:1-2
Transactional leaders - believe that people are motivated by reward or punishment.
Transformational leaders - believe people are motivated by personal transformation.
Respect vs. Fear Motivation
Respect is earned and maintained through trust. 
Submission - When I realize God has a will for me, and that I am being called to some form of obedience.
Obedience - When I finally find the strength to follow God's will.

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