Sunday, December 2, 2018

The Word Became Flesh

John 1: 1-2, 14
As believers, especially around this time of year, we often speak of the incarnation of Christ as if it were a footnote of the Christmas story and not the greatest miracle this world has ever known. When God became a man, he demonstrated what God is like and how mankind can have a relationship with him.
By coming into the world and putting on flesh, Christhas perfectly revealedto us what Godis like and how mankind can relate with him.

I. MankindWas In NeedOf A SaviorFrom the Beginning Of Creation.  

Mankind was createdperfect but becamesinful.
As soon as Adam and Eve disobeyed God, they were in obedienceto Satan.
God gave them an object lesson of how sinfulman can once again be in fellowshipwith a holyGod. 

II. ManBrought SinInto the World, So A ManWas Needed To PayThe Penalty for Sin.

In order for Christ to come to this earth from the right hand of God, He would have to receive a physicalbody.
It was mankind who severedthe relationship with God, so it was in a man that the relationship would be reconnected

III. JesusIs the Word That BecameFleshand Dwelt Among Us.

Hearingthe word is not the same as doingit.
· There must be a deep desire to hearGod speaking to us and an obedient willingness to dowhateverhe says.
· If we continually learn what we oughtto do, but do notdo it, we become depressed, frustrated, and callous.
Our obedience to scripture paves the way for the Wordto literallybecome flesh.
· In the Bible the Word is on the pagebut when we put it into practice, the Word becomes flesh.  This allows us to seeGod’s glory, grace, and truth. 

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