Sunday, January 24, 2021

Be Still and Know the God “I AM”

 Sunday, January 24, 2021

Be Still and Know the God “I AM"
Psalm 46:10

When we feel incapable or weak in response to even a perceived threat, the results are the same in our bodies and minds.  Anywhere we feel a loss of control, insecurity or fear can immobilize us.  What can quiet the storm within us and bring confidence in place of insecurity and boldness in place of fear?

Fear and resulting insecurity dominate the lives of people today.

The conditions of today leave us worn-out, short-tempered, distrustful, anxious, threatened and confused…even desperate and hopeless.

Perceived threats are just a unsettling as a real threat. 

Psalm 46 is a psalm about finding a secure place in the midst of insecure times.

 I. The Declaration of God’s Protection, Power and Presence

·   Of great importance is the fact that God does not “provide” a refuge but He “is our refuge.”

·   It is imperative to consider the problems of today in light of the provision of yesterday to know power and peace.

II. The Recognition of Personal Vulnerability

·   Destructive Power of Physical Calamities 

·   The Futility and Vanity of Earthly Powers

·   We become angry when we lose control.

Men still believe they can change other men through control which only creates more rebellion. 

III. The Peaceful, Flowing Presence of God 

·   The peace of a believer does not come apart from the chaos of the world but rests in the eye of the storm. 

IV. The Power of Quiet Surrender 

·   We need to find a sanctuary beside that river of God to experience His person and His purpose in life.

·   We need to come to the point in our lives where we relinquish to God whatever others - or our circumstances - would take from us.

·   GOD hits home in the stillness.

V.The Praise of God Brings Peace 

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