Sunday, October 1, 2017

Worship that Transforms

Psalm 15
In the Old Testament, individuals who were allowed entrance into the tabernacle where God resided had to display a certain level of moral righteousness.  Fellowship with God creates godliness and will be seen in the character of a believer.
Worship is not merely the actions of men to please God, it is the experience men have when they encounter God. 
The desire for fellowship with God does not create fellowship with God.
Truth: Godly fellowship will result in Godly character and assurance.
·       A Divine Requirement v.1 
The beginning of fellowship with God is always a sense of separation from sin.
We can't stay where we are, like we are, and fully experience God.
·       A Disciplined Commitment v.2 
·       A commitment of heart - "walks with integrity"
·       A commitment of action - "works righteousness"
A person must first BE righteousness before they can DO righteousness...But when a person IS righteousness then they cannot help but WORK righteousness.
·       A commitment of thought - "speaks truth in his heart"
·       A Developed Character v.3-5b 
This passage speaks of treating others respectfully
·       Speech - "does not slander" & "Nor takes up a reproach"
·       Relationships - "Nor does evil to his neighbor"
·       Discernment - v.4 "reprobate despised" & "honor those who fear the Lord"
·       Honest - "swears to his own hurt"
·       Compassion - "put out money for interest"
·       Justice - "Nor take a bribe against the innocent"
The Christian who listens to God will know right from wrong no matter what society calls it.
·       A Dependable Conclusion v.5c  “never be shaken”
Responding to God's call in proper commitment results in Christian character producing assurance and stability.

Because man could not go up to Him, He came down to us.
2 Corinthians 5:21

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