Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Who Is Your King?

Tuesday, December 3, 2019 Some material taken from King of Kings - What Is A King?
And the Lord will be king over all the earth. On that day the Lord will be one and his name one.  Zechariah 14:9

A king does lots of things for their kingdom. They rule, they protect, they advocate, they guide, and many more things. Jesus Christ was born King of Kings, and He is the perfect king. There has never been a king that can compare to Him. He was not a typical king, sitting on a throne in a palace. The prophets made it clear that the Messiah would be a king, but they also made it clear that the Messiah would be humble and would suffer greatly.  Born in a stable, and nailed to a cross, His greatest desire is to be the King of our hearts. 

We are all longing for a king, and throughout our lifetime we make many different things the king of our lives. Because we desire power and security and to be accepted, we continually search for and allow many things to take the throne of our lives. 

Many different things can take the throne of our lives:
Self – Idolatry is the sin that leads to every other sin.  Idolatry is elevating ourselves and our desires above all else.  When our lives revolve around what we want, and we set out to fulfill those desires because we feel like we deserve it, we are headed down the path of destruction. If I am the king of my own life, I do what I want with no accountability to anyone else.

Addiction – There are many kinds of addictions – not just drugs and alcohol.  Any addiction can quickly take over the throne of our lives and usually we are quick to give in and hand the throne right over.

Money – More.  When money sits on the throne of our lives, we become obsessed with getting more.  It becomes all we think about and becomes our whole purpose for living.

Family – Yes family.  And even church, or teaching a class at church, or volunteering.  Good things can subtly take over the throne of our lives.  Whatever we worship, focus on, bow down to is the king of our life, even good things. 

Approval – Teenagers and children are not the only ones affected by peer pressure.  Adults also struggle with the king of approval.  We all want to be accepted and loved and we sometimes go to great lengths to feel “approved”.

Because we all want someone or something to guide, provide, and give us direction in our lives we will search to fulfill that longing. Something or someone will always sit on the throne of your life as king, even if you’re not aware that is the case. We have to be careful who we let have that place.  Sometimes what seems harmless and fun can take control and bring devastation.  Jesus Christ is the perfect King for our lives and He is the only one who can fulfill that longing desire in our hearts. He alone can bring us security, perfect direction, and acceptance from Him is the only acceptance that matters. It is the acceptance that gives eternal life. Make Jesus Christ the King of your life today. 

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