Sunday, October 17, 2021

Living Worthy of the Gospel Part 2

Living Worthy of the Gospel Part 2

Philippians 1:27-2:16

The book of Philippians is a letter, written by the apostle Paul, that displays his personal affection for a church he started in the city of Philippi. The book of Philippians highlights for believers what a mature man, woman, and church, who lives worthy of the Gospel, looks like.

Living worthy of the Gospel is living a life that corresponds to the divine truths of God’s Word.

Stand In Unity Against Opposition

Stand Firm

·  Using this phrase is a reminder to the Philippians that they’re engaged in a spiritual war that is manifesting itself in physical persecution

Striving Side by Side

·  We advance the Gospel side by side, working, contending, and laboring together.

Serve In Unity Through Humility

Humility and service go hand in hand.

Jesus is the ultimate example of humble service.

·  Christ’s humbling of Himself took Him to the cross.

·  Greatness in the Kingdom of God comes by humble service, not in being number one.


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