Friday, July 12, 2013

True Wisdom

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge."  Proverbs 1:7

When I am faced with difficult decisions or challenges, I ask myself this question: "What is the wise thing to do?"  You see, WISDOM is gaining Gods perspective on life and applying it to our particular circumstances.  The book of Proverbs clearly reveals Gods divine perspective on many of today's most pressings issues – morality, marriage, parenting, work, relationships, and finances, to name a few. The Scriptures are wisdom. They teach us who God is and reveal how He acts and thinks. They instruct us to distinguish right from wrong; they give clear guidelines for practical living. His Word is counsel from heaven for our lives on earth.

When I seek to apply God's wisdom, I can experience God's success, rather than my failure. His order and peace replaces my confusion, and I learn how to lean on his faithfulness instead of succumbing to my fears or worries.  There are two types of Wisdom: Godly Wisdom and the World’s Wisdom.  The wisdom of the world always leads to chaos and confusion but keeping my eyes on the Lord and seeking to know His ways will lead to peace.

Recognize and Ask
Our Heavenly Father is not reluctant to share his counsel with us. In fact, James 1:5-6 reminds us if anyone lacks wisdom, we can confidently ask for hi insight and He'll provide it in a timely manner.  This is an awesome promise that every Christian can claim.  When we find ourselves in situations that are beyond our understanding, there is a life line: God will give wisdom to those who realize their need.  We must come to grips that we lack wisdom and then heavenly knowledge will open up. It may come through a variety of ways, but when it comes we must not doubt God’s answer. He has promised to give it, but we need to receive God’s wisdom as boldly as we ask for it.

No Greater Riches
Nothing can compare to knowing and obeying the wisdom of God. It is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold Proverbs 3:14.  There is no greater blessing known to man than knowing and obeying the wisdom of God.  Silver and gold will only satisfy momentarily.  When we do this one thing, other things in our lives will line up and we will be fulfilled. 

I want to challenge you to read the corresponding chapter to each day of the month from Proverbs. Follow its instructions and you'll be blessed and you'll be a blessing to others as you obey God's leading in your life.

PRAYER:  I am grateful for who you are and what you have done for me. I need your wisdom every day. Bring together the pieces of my life with a new appreciation of your Word and a fresh commitment to obedience. I know that fearing you does not mean I am afraid of you but that I have respect and revere your majestic name. You have that you'll give me the discernment and insight I need as I grow in my reverence for you. Father I want to build my life on the wisdom of your Word. Amen!

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