Sunday, August 5, 2012

Proper Reverence for the Lord's Supper

I Corinthians 11:23-34
There is an old saying that “familiarity breeds contempt.”  Such a statement seems quite true for the least familiarity seems to breed is a lack of respect.  In nothing does this seem to be quite as true as in regard to religious symbolism to the uncommitted.  Jesus in instituting the Lord's Supper was to give opportunity for regular public commitment on a personal basis of the power and purpose of the cross.  Paul shares the danger of irreverence to the elements of the Lord's Supper and encourages proper participation in this Christ-pronounced ordinance.
The presentation of the Lord's Supper is symbolic of the actual cross being raised before us. v.26
Irreverence to the memorial supper of Christ is extremely severe for it is the same as irreverence to the physical crucifixion of Christ in history. v.27


I. Requires Personal Evaluation... v.27-29

A. Of our manner of participation in the ordinance.

B. Of the value of the elements of the ordinance.

C. Of the eternal consequences of irreverence.

II. Brings Power to the Church... v.30

A. By opening our lives to God's control.

B. By allowing His strength to support our lives.

Improper worship is the beginning of our spiritual defeat.

III. Strengthens the Testimony of the Church in the World...

A. By personal evaluation of our spiritual life.

B. By personal dedication of our lives to God.

God will correct us in private and empower us in public if we allow Him.

IV. Creates a Concerned and Sharing Fellowship v.33,34

A. The table is not ready unless all are accounted for. v.33

B. Proper relationship demands a selfless love. v.34

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