Sunday, April 23, 2023

More Than A Story Part 3

More Than A Story Part 3

Acts 26

Our story is what we do for God. Our testimony is what God has done in our lives.

BIG IDEA: God will use your testimony to impact those around you if you’re faithful to speak up. How He has changed you can change someone else.

Talk about your life before Jesus 

Before we were with Jesus we were broken and separated from God. We lived for ourselves.

What if in sharing what your life was like before Jesus it connected with someone?

Talk about how you encountered Jesus

Within your testimony, talk about where you were and what you heard that brought you from death to life.

What if you shared how you encountered Jesus, and it opened the door for your 1 to encounter Jesus?

Talk about your life since Jesus made you new

God has saved us from the curse of sin and brokenness in order that we might live for His glory.

This is our calling in Christ: to live changed lives so that others’ lives might be changed.

What if the new life we have in Christ was shared with our 1?

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