Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Legacy of a Nation

Psalms 33:11-12

During this time set aside on the long calendar year to remember all who have sacrificed and handed down a legacy of freedom let us not neglect to remember the bountiful blessing each of us know as The United States of America and our responsibility to pass on the hope found in liberty and justice for all..  

I.    Remembering Those Who Created Our Legacy
What Were the Characteristics of These Who Bought and Protected Our Inheritance?
·      Strong Sense of Personal Responsibility
·      Gratitude for Benefits
·      Low Sense of Entitlement
·      Sense of Social Responsibility – Loved Their Neighbors
·      Patriotic – Loved their Country
·      Spiritual – Loved their God
·      Family Centered – Loved their Families
·      Respectful of Authority
II.     The Legacy Blesses and Empowers Us
The Bill of Rights takes for granted Responsibility.

III.   The Legacy is Ours to Protect and Hand Down
This marvelous heritage that has grown through history is not just a heritage of the past but a living heritage.
The abuse of liberty is license...
License is inauthentic freedom.
Remember The Four “C’s of a Legacy:”
(Capital, Character, Conduct, and Convictions)
IV.  Four Ways to Build a Legacy:

       1.     Clarify Values –

       2.     Create an Ethical Atmosphere –

       3.     Lead by Example

       4.     Tell Stories

Family stories are powerful instruments of passing on values,
identity and faith.

What are you doing now that will help future generations?

1. How will your character help them?

2. How will your style of life help them?

3. How will the words you speak help them?

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