Sunday, April 12, 2020

The Miracle That Produced Miracles

The Miracle That Produced Miracles
Matthew 8:28-34

To validate that He was the Son of God, Jesus performed many miracles. Over these past weeks, we have looked at His power over sickness, power over nature, and power over spiritual forces.. All of these miracles were used to gain the attention of people before He fulfilled His final act of redemption. This is Easter Sunday and today we wil focus on the miracle of Jesus that still produces miracles today -  the miracle of His resurrection.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God!

Through His miracles Jesus demonstrated that He could suspend the laws of the universe to accomplish His purpose.

Today we focus on a miracle that did not happen before others but only God.

This was the only miracle that produces miracles.  Those miracles are the salvation of our souls and the transformation of our lives.  It is still active today

Jesus Prophesied That He Would Rise Again John 2:18-22

·         Jesus death, burial and resurrection were not a premonition–they were prophecies written and fulfilled. 

The Seed That Became Many Seeds John 12:24

·         In the natural realm the first grain of wheat contained the life of every other grain of wheat to this   day. It fell into the ground and died and finding resurrection, much fruit came out of it. 

·         The resurrection vindicates Jesus' identity as God. 

·         This makes this miracle the one miracle that produces miracles. 

Result of the Resurrection in a Believer’s Life I Peter 1:3-5

·         It is not that the believer is going to receive eternal life; he has already received eternal life.

·         This living hope comes by the mercy of God.

·         This living hope is our ONLY hope.

·         God does not condemn man to hell!  Sin condemns man to hell!  God saves us from the penalty of sin through Jesus Christ!

Living Out Your Miracle – “who through faith are shielded by God’s power

·         "Repentance" in Greek literally means "a change of mind, a transformation of one's thinking."

·         If God could raise Jesus from the grave, then God can free us from the tomb of our limitations and constraints.

·         The death, burial, and resurrection of Christ brought our justification, regeneration, redemption, transformation, and ultimate glorification through faith.

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