Sunday, October 11, 2020

Changes Part 3


Changes Part 3
Acts 16:16-34

Change is not easy but treating it as the enemy does not help. Change is a natural state of being. By focusing on what we can control, we are free to praise God; if not for our circumstances, then in spite of them.

 I.    Adverse Circumstances Can Happen Even When You Are Doing Exactly What God Wants You To Do

·   Adverse circumstances do not change you; they simply amplify who you truly are.

II.    You Cannot Control Your Circumstances, Just How You Respond to Them

·   You always have a choice of how you are going to respond to what the world offers you.

·   Praise changed their perspective, but God changed their circumstances.

·   These men understood that suffering – physically, mentally, and emotionally – is absolutely necessary to Christian maturity.

III.    A Change in Circumstances Did Not Change the MissionPreaching the Gospel.

·   Their response to adverse circumstances was consistent with their message.

·   How we handle circumstances changes the perspective of others.

·   When we praise God in the midst of difficulty, it causes others to see and experience His goodness.

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