Sunday, September 3, 2023

The Impossible Possibility

The Impossible Possibility
Matthew 19:16-29/Mark 10:17-27

1.     Good Teacher Vs 16-17


Man’s goodness could never earn eternal life.


People believe that goodness alone is what merits salvation.


The natural man is incapable of keeping the commands alone. Jesus is not teaching a works-based salvation.


2.     Exposing the Heart vs 18-22


The religious attitude of works-based salvation will only leave you wanting to justify yourself through exhausting behavior and increasing knowledge that there is something that you still lack.  


Selling everything is not what saves us, but it will reveal to you what you treasure most.


Keeping of the law is determined by the ability to not just keep one aspect of the law but to keep the law in its totality. James 2:10


Do you want the poverty of riches in this life or the riches of poverty that will be treasure in heaven?

3.     Only possible with God vs 23- 26  


Jesus points out two things that we must know: 

1)    Our need for a Substitute

On the cross there was a great exchange; God took our sins and placed them on Christ, in exchange for His righteousness.

2)    Our need to Surrender

Obedience to God is the measuring stick of whether we truly 


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