Sunday, February 9, 2014

God’s Second Greatest Gift (Part 2)

Matthew 6:14-15
What do you do when you are the victim of wrong or hurt another by your actions or words? Jesus says that those who have been sinned against must forgive. So, how do I forgive and still deal with my hurt, especially when they continue to hurt me? Learn the power of forgiveness.
We are never more like God than when we forgive.
Forgiving is love’s toughest work, and love’s biggest risk.  
Our hurt will tell the direction needed for forgiveness.
The hurt that creates a crisis of forgiving has three dimensions. It is always personal, unfair, and deep.
We hate people we blame or hold responsible for pain in our lives.
When we are wronged, we hurt, then attach feelings and give them immortality.
The harboring of bitterness is like a cancer.
Bitterness is also contagious.  We begin to spread the disease gathering whoever will join us and take up an offense.
The essence of forgiveness is being resilient when things don’t go the way you want.
The Secret to Effective Forgiveness:
  • Before you can forgive, you have to grieve.
Entombed bitterness is a source of depression.
  • Depression = Anger turned inward. Psalm 32:1-5
It takes more energy to hold onto the pain and anger than to release it and be free.
The most effective child training is based on this simple principle:   80% of all behavior is modeled behavior.
The only response to wrong that the Word of God commends the Christian to is love.

There is no revenge like complete forgiveness.

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