Sunday, June 16, 2019

Paul – The “Godfather"

1 Thessalonians 2:9-12
The role of a Christian father is more important in today's world than ever before. It seems it is a different role than in earlier generations.  The truth is, just what that role is may be difficult to define. 
Manhood is in a State of Confusion. These men are:

Spiritually Complacent

Men tend to compartmentalizethe sacred and the secular, personal and professional.

Disappointedwith Life.


Mostly Friendless


God-given qualities of a man out of God’s control become tools for the destructionof both families and society.  
·      Wisdomand powerbecome tools for a tyrant; controlling, not leading. 
·      Lovebecomes selfish jealousyand self-satisfying passion.  
·      The natural bond of loyaltyand friendshipuses others for personalgain.  
·      The initiative to protectand provideare lost to laziness and complainingabout the failures of others. 
Paul - A Father By Example

I. Be an Example by Your Work(vs 9)

II. Be an Example by Your Walk(vs 10)

III. Be an Example by Your Words(vs 11)

When discipline is about your powerand feelingsit fails to address the greater purpose of learningfrom a mistake or action.

IV. Be an Example by Your Will(vs 12)

Fathers need to make sure their children are SAFESECURE, and SIGNIFICANT.
The goal of parenting should not be about behavior but character; not about control but wise choices; not about protecting but equipping

A child may not inherit his parents' talents, but he will absorb their values

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