Sunday, April 16, 2023

More Than A Story Part 2

More Than A Story Part 2

Acts 16

We believe that in God’s sovereignty- those of us who are followers of Jesus Christ have been strategically placed by God in the lives of unbelievers. That part of God’s purpose in our placement is for us to introduce them to Him. But how do we do it?

Three Circles Overview

God’s Design - His creative order was complete perfection in all things.

Sin Enters: We rejected God as authority, and in so doing, we rejected existing within His perfect design.

Brokenness: Fully separated from life and intimacy with God.

·  We try to escape and fix our brokenness.

·  We recognize the brokenness.

·  We reinforce the brokenness.

·  Broken people cannot escape brokenness on their own.

The Gospel: God’s love provided the only way out → Jesus.

What more can we do to introduce them to Jesus? 

What God does in a person produces a testimony.

God has strategically placed His followers in the lives of certain unbelievers so that they might introduce those people to Him.

Demonstrate your testimony by demonstrating acceptance

Our best days are determined by a resurrected Savior.

Demonstrate your testimony by having a language and an attitude that is as inviting as your Savior’s.

Pray. Continue praying.

Share. Conversion is God’s work.

Sharing is our opportunity to: 

·  Share the work God has done in us.

·  Sharing is our opportunity to remember His grace and faithfulness to us.

·  Sharing is our opportunity to join Him in His work.

Share in Three Parts:

·  Who I was before.

·  How I encountered and responded to Christ.

·  The transformation in my life and where He’s taking me now.

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