Sunday, February 23, 2020

A World of Darkness Needs Light

A World of Darkness Needs Light
Matthew 5:14-16
Jesus shares another metaphor of the impact a believer has on others.  Believers are light in the darkness. 
The Beatitudes established a whole new concept of a person who was “Blessed”.
Darkness can be frightening.
·      Nyctophobia is characterized by a severe fear of the dark triggered by the brain's disfigured perceptionof what could happen when in a dark environment.
Darkness can be enjoyable.
Light and Darkness were created by God.
Darkness is not only physical but moral and spiritual as well.. 

I. Darkness Hides Danger – Proverbs 4:19

·      It is the fact of darkness that presses the need for light
·      Satan is a liar and makes the darkness look like light.  

II. Darkness Hides Truth - 

·      The sacrifice of Christ on the cross finds its purpose and meaning in the holiness of God.
·      There is NOTHING WRONG unless there is HOLY RIGHTEOUSNESS. 
·      The world does not understand the danger or damage of sin without the light.
·      When the light of righteousness shines on unrighteousness, selfish pleasure rejects the truth and walks on into darkness. 
·      The darkness of pride found in religion and the Pharisees is a great darkness.

III. The Darkness is Overcome by the Light of Christ

·      Jesus was introduced to this world as light.
·      Salvation is seen as light.

IV. It is a Distributed Light Matthew 5:14a

·      Christ’s light for the world shines through transformed believers. Every believer is meant to be a pointof light to a dark world.
·      People who attack the darkness with darkness have little effect on bringing light.  

V. It is a Visible Light - Matthew 5:15a

·      It is PRIDE again that covers our light because we fear the censure of others.
·      When we fail to express our Christian faith by standing against sin and the darkness it brings, we are "busheling our bulb"

VI. It is a Revealing Light Matthew 5:15b

·      Getting honest about our lives is the only path to redemption and restoration.

VII. It is a Beautiful Light Matthew 5:16a

·      The Fruit of the Spirit revealed in the life of a believer is beautiful for all to see.

VIII. It is a God-Glorifying Light Matthew 5:16b

·      Actions and attitudes in life that emanate from our new nature bring glory to God, not man.

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