Sunday, April 24, 2022

Only God

 Only God 

Micah 1:1

The prophet Micah ministered during the reign of three different kings. During his time as God’s prophet, he saw God take a people suffering in a moral disaster and raise them through a spiritual revival. Micah witnessed that which only God could accomplish.

Only God Can Bring A Great Revival From The Worst Disaster.

God brings life to that which is dead.

God brings hope to that which is hopeless.

Only God Can Raise A Great Son From The Worst Father.

The best king Judah ever had was the son of one of the worst kings.

Dysfunctional does not mean defective in the kingdom of God.

Only God Can Give A Great Ministry To The Most Ordinary Believer. 

The word of God gives great confidence to any ordinary believer.

The word of God is not only alive, but it also gives life.

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