Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Share the Bounty Part II

What has God done in my life as a testimonial? My life is a testimonial of God's Grace and Mercy and Provision!

I think the operative word was "this year" in the Share The Bounty request.
This year I have become employed, made many new friends in Glory Sunday School Class, and became a member at NSBC. I completed a Grief Share program to deal with the loss of my husband in 08. 

I was sitting in church one Sunday about a year ago very depressed. I don't remember what Pastor Van was preaching on but he said if you are depressed I am going to tell you how to not be depressed.  I was diagnosed to be Clinically Depressed at age 18. I had been dependant on prescription drugs for the anxiety and depression all my life.  I had people tell me to "pull myself out of it" "be happy" etc... Never had I heard "I am going to tell you how to get out of the depression". 

I remember sitting up straight and leaning forward a little.  Pastor Van then said very simply, "If you are depressed it is because you are living in the past. If you are anxious or fearful it is because you are living in the future. What happened yesterday is gone- over -done, nothing you do can bring back yesterday. Tomorrow is not promised. What you have is today. Ask yourself this question..."Am I ok today?" chances are, you are ok today." 

That was an "ah-ha" moment for me.  I prayed a simple prayer to trust God to get me off the anti-depressants and I determined to stay in today. To date I have not taken any anti-depressants, I rely fully on God and He never has failed me. I can't say my life has been rosy this past year but God has helped me to see the Roses in my life.  Today I am ok, and to God be the Glory.

Gloria Schieffer

When my Dad was taken to the hospital I left a Joy Class dinner and I told Kaye Wood what had happened.  Kaye called Gary and he came to Weatherford Regional immediately.  While he was hospitalized, Dick Brouse came several times.  When Daddy passed away a few weeks later Van called and Donnie called to offer sympathy this meant the world to me.  I’ve had a difficult time grieving Daddy’s death but I had help because I took the Grief Share class and it helped me so much.  Thank you, North Side!  

Sandy Canton

Though I just joined the church a short time ago, I thank God for this church and it means so much to me.  I’ve been so blessed to be part of the church.  I know that I was brought here by some friends who I know were put into my life by only one person, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  

Curt Junker

God’s love was revealed during the time of our daughter-in-law’s illness and death.  God gave our son and our family the strength we needed and especially our son to get through every day and every hour.  God provided all our needs and stood by all of us.  

John and Mary Geis

My blessing of having this unbelievably loving church family:  Anyone not involved in a small group is missing out on one of the best opportunities to feel loved!  The usual things you hear about being thankful for are even more special for me this year.  God ministers through others and I have been ministered to in amazing abundance!  

Donice Nichols

This year I almost lost my husband due to a major heart attack.  NSBC staff was awesome and so was the deacon body.  Special thanks to Bro. Van, Bro. Kerry and Bro. Donnie.  We are also thankful for our healthy grandson.

I am thankful for Donnie, Kerry and Van’s support during major events in our family life this year, for being there and supporting when Jayton was born and comforting to us during a difficult pregnancy, during my stay in the hospital after a heart attack and bypass.  I really felt the love and support of North Side showered on us.  Thank you for all you do.  

Wayne Garrett

I am thankful for Donnie O’Fallon for being there this summer when we needed help.  Thank you so much.  NSBC

I am thankful for Happy Hats and Prayers & Squares.  They are always so helpful and their prayers are awesome.

It has been over two years since Carole left to walk with Jesus “hand in hand!”  There has been no greater gift to me than Carole Ann.  God blessed me with 44 years with Carole at my side.  We press on and we are thankful for all that the church did for us.  

Ralph Willingham

God has blessed all of us with His love and such wonderful friendships of our beloved church family.  We are thankful for such bountiful gifts of God’s warmth and love.  We have peace and tranquility knowing God loves us so generously.
I am thankful for Donnie and Kerry, for the prayers and encouragement you gave me in the loss of my mother.  The calls, visits and prayers are times I now treasure as I reflect on going through those difficult times.  I am thankful for the support the church gave in sending the Meekers and family to Oklahoma.  These things are what have been such a blessing to Linda Kay and me.  Please know that the McCasland Family has been richly blessed by you!  We thank God for every remembrance of you.  Serving Him together, 

Roger D. McCasland

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