Sunday, May 21, 2023

Ready…Set…GO! Graduate Sunday 2023

Ready…Set…GO!  Graduate Sunday 2023

Hebrews 12:1-2

With each level of graduation, we gain more privileges and possibilities along with more responsibility.

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

The natural curiosity we have is the catalyst for learning and growth.

I.    Recognize the Importance of Today  v.1a

LUCK = When preparation meets opportunity

II.  Recall the Influences from Yesterdays  v.1b

Be careful! Don’t throw practical faith under the bus!

Faith is not an assent of the intellect to revealed truth; it is the practical submission to the guidance and control of truth!

III. Deal with Your Past v.1c

Beginning your legacy out of resentment or bitterness toward your parents, teachers or others is a recipe for disaster.

You can’t stop me!” are the four most dangerous words in the world.

We need to be aware of the influences of our parents, but we do not have to be mastered by them.

IV.  Accept Responsibility for Your Life v.1d

God has a plan for your life and your first job before doing anything else is to discover it.

V.  Focus on Your Future  v.2

Those who fail often live lives of avoidance instead of achievement.

Formula for Failure

·  Live in fear of failing.

·  Live blaming others for your problems.

·  Live without setting a goal in any area of your life.
A goal in your head is a dream for tomorrow. A goal on paper is a plan for today.

Simple Steps to a Better Life

·  Quit feeling sorry for yourself.

·  Get a written, specific goal for your life.

God doesn't give us dreams to taunt us.

·  List & accept your personal liabilities.

·  List & accept your personal assets.   

We discover our self-worth in our being and then express it in our doing.  

·  Plan to have a good day every day.

·  Be careful who you run with.

Life is relationships! – If you can’t handle relationships, you can’t handle life.

·  Recognize your responsibilities...Somebody needs you!

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