Sunday, November 11, 2018

Learning from a Veteran

2 Timothy 2:1-4; I Samuel 17
Veterans are not just important for what they have done but who they have become because of it.  The veterans of scripture are good models for us to learn from.  David, the great Warrior King, could share some important lessons on many fronts. This veteran’s life battle with Goliath teaches some lessons we can benefit from.
Not admittinga problem is not going to make your
giantsgo away.
The veteran will tell you there are times when you can no longer run. You must standand fight. 
II.   GodUniquelyPreparesUs for Our Battles - 1 Samuel 17:33-36
Don’t underestimateyour readiness for battle.
The obvious look of weaknessmay cloak the imperceptible strength God has developed in the life of the warrior.
God develops us through relationships,environmentand circumstancesin life.
What we may view as insignificantmay be the very thing God uses to prepare us for a future time.

The UnknownElement

1. We really don’t knowwhat we know until we need to knowit. 

2. We really don’t know how strongwe are until we are tested.

3. We really don’t know how equippedwe are until we are make an effort to dosomething

III.  God UniquelyGiftsUs to Fight the Battle - I Samuel 17:38-40
I can’t do that” may be better translated “I can’t do thatlikethat.”
Be careful who you listentowhen it comes time to go into battle.

IV.  The Battle is the Lord’sI Samuel 17:40-50

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