Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Prayer of Jabez Part 4 | Keep Your Hand With Me!

1 Chronicles 4:9-10
When you start seeking the blessings of God, you have to remember that with them you have to seek God in the blessing.
I. The Hand of God in Scripture

A.    In Creation

1.    Of the Earth  Genesis 1:1

2.    Of Man  Genesis 2:7

3.    Of Everything  John 1:3

B.    In Salvation

1.    By Rescuing Us  Psalms 40:1-3

2.    By Securing Us  John 10:29. Isaiah 49:16  

C.   In Life

1.    By Empowering Us  Isaiah 41:13-14

2.    By Protecting Us and Providing for Us Psalms  23:1-3

3.    By His Providence  Isaiah 45:6-7

D.   In Eternity  Romans 8:38-39

II. The Hand of God in Service 

We like our “m&m” life.  When things are manageable and the fears and risks are minimal we think we have things in hand.
We turn to God more out of desperation than dependence.
Our vision of the difficulty of the task and our resource determines what we feel we need.
III. The Hand of God in Spirit

A. It Is Received Power.

B. It is Spiritual Power.

C. It is Inner Power.

The inner man determines the outer man.

D. It is Exalting Power.

IV. The Hand of God in Strength
All they could see was Jesus!
Prayer was the only power they had to turn to.

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