Sunday, March 29, 2020

Miracles Over Nature

Miracles Over Nature

The miracles of Jesus can be put into three primary categories: miracles of healing, miracles over nature, and miracles of casting out demons. However, the greatest miracle of Jesus was His resurrection from the dead. From now through Easter, we will take a look at the different kinds of miracles that Jesus performed and how they make a difference in our lives today.

Miracles of the Old Testament: The saints of the Old Testament talked about miracles as being, “the wonders of old.”

Miracles of the New Testament: When it comes to the New Testament, the miracles were pointing to a future day when Jesus would rule and reign on this earth – sneak previews of coming attractions.

Three Observations Concerning Miracles:

·         My first observation is that we shouldn’t think of the Bible times, either Old or New Testament, as times in which saints of God consistently did miracles.

·         The second observation I would make is that there are probably more miracles happening today than we realize.

·         The third observation I would make is that the kingdom has not fully come in this age.

Even if miracles were happening every day, the foundation of faith would still be on the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Miracles Over Nature

In most of these miracles over nature, there was the:

·         Human Ability To Participate

·         A Command For The People To Use The Means That They Had.

God is the one who performs the supernatural part of anything that is miraculous.

I. Two Important Questions

·         A Question About The Tax Law

·         A Question About The Law Maker

o   Jesus would die for those who killed Him, and would also be the one who would pay their tax.

II. One Important Command

This astounding miracle clearly demonstrates Christ's complete control over the natural elements.

·         A Unique Miracle

o   This is the only miracle Jesus ever performed that dealt with money.

o   This is the only miracle through which Jesus did something for Himself.

o   This is the only miracle Jesus did that dealt with a single fish.

·         An Exceptional Principle.

o   Kingdom expediency: It is a high kingdom value to never unnecessarily offend..

·         A Practical Partnership

o   As man does his natural part, God does the supernatural.

o   The supernatural will be found in doing what you naturally do.

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