Sunday, October 18, 2020

Finding Boldness Through Prayer Part 1


Finding Boldness Through Prayer Part 1
Acts 4:23-35

Churches in America have operated for centuries without interference or fear of persecution. However, that seems to be changing as Biblical truths conflict with secular values.  What is our response to be?  Around the globe, persecuted believers have found their greatest weapon is prayer.

The enemy wants God's People silenced in every possible way.

The Bible and its authority have been rejected as being bigoted and culturally irrelevant to the present generation.

It is difficult to stand and profess what the Bible says is right without others feeling you are condemning or demeaning them.

The sad truth of the church today is that it has failed to stay on mission with the Great Commission when under attack!

The gospel has never been and will never be “politically correct”.

The church is supernatural in its origin and should be supernatural in its operation.

What is not supernatural will be superficial.

God’s Process of Emboldening Disciples

I. God’s Deliverance Is Proclaimed v23-24a

·         When you are really in trouble you don’t rise up to fight, you fall to your knees to pray.

·         Under pressure, they formed a prayer meeting; we form a committee.

·         Fact of ministry today is that the most difficult position to get the church into is on its knees.

·         People are willing to go, teach, preach, sing or do most anything before they will spend time in earnest prayer.

II. God’s Sovereignty is Confessed  v24-28

·         The word for "Lord" in this verse is "despot" - one who rules with absolute authority.

God's Sovereignty is seen in:

·         Creation of all things v 24

·         Control of all things v 27-28

·         The world is bigger than our nation and what is happening in the interactions of the world is God’s bigger plan for mankind.

III. Man’s Servanthood is Understood  v29-30

·         The Greek word for “servant” is "bondslave" – one purchased for life.

·         There is submission involved in this to the circumstances, not merely for release from the pressures.

·         Their prayer was not for safety, but for boldness. 


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