Sunday, November 18, 2012

Faith In Action

Elijah – Faith in Faithless Times
1 Kings 17:10–18:21

Elijah was convinced that God was real. He knew that God was dependable. He had learned that faith in God worked.  Elijah’s faith was tested and proven.  What was the purpose for God’s preparation?  Was it just to bless Elijah?  Is that all God desires from our faith?  
Now it was time for Elijah to reproduce his faith in others.
I. The Widow at Zarephath – Faith Reproduced  I Kings 17:10-16

A. Faith is most often reproduced through relationships.

A principle - proximity determines impact.
Relationships require reality.

B. Faith is best reproduced as it is practiced.

C. Need often opens the door to faith.

Vicarious faith is often our first step toward faith.
A dead faith is one that is not being reproduced in others.
II. Obadiah – Faith that Encourages Others I Kings 18:1-16
Divine Appointment - a meeting arranged by God for His purpose and our benefit.
Fear can paralyze and thus neutralize us..
The faith of Elijah was so evident that the fear of Obadiah was eradicated.
Before you criticize, compare or condemn another believer for their faith or situation, consider their circumstances.
III. Ahab – Faith that Confronts Sin.  I Kings 18:16
Confrontation is rarely painless, never easy, often rejected, and always risky.
When a man cannot defend his position with truth, he results to insult
IV. The People – Faith that Questions Compromise I Kings 18:21
A.    The Waywardness of the People- 
B.    The Wobbling of the People - I Kings 18:21a
C.    The Warning of the Prophet - I Kings 18:21b
D.     The Weakness of the People  - I Kings 18:21c

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