Sunday, June 10, 2018

Not That Far Away

Mark 12:34
There are times in the life of every Christian that God seems far away. You pray, but God doesn’t answer. You read the Bible, but God does not speak to you. You seek God, but it seems as if He is hiding. God’s Word allows us to explore why this happens and how we can respond to it.
hypocriteis someone who doesn’tbelieveat all, but wants people to think they do.

 I.    Satisfaction in the Christian Life Can Sometimes Seem Distantand Unreachable.  

Jesus takes what others make so complicatedabout living for God and makes it simple.
He taught as one who didn’t just knowabout God, but as one who wasGod.
The moment Godbecomes the centerof your life, you are in the kingdom of God.

II.    Striking a Balance Between the Joyof Salvation and the Costof Discipleship Closes the Distance You May Feel from God. 

There are “cost” preachers and “joy” preachers.

·      Costpreachers love to tell you what you’ll loseby following Jesus. 

·      Joypreachers love to tell you how Jesus makes you rich,happy, and withoutsickness.   

A person who is living by the Great Commandment has found a richer treasurein Jesusthan in all they could ever have.

Remember the parable:

·     This man never would have found the treasure if he had quit walking – continue to seekafter God

·      This man was not out looking for treasure, but he cameacrossit

·     It was in this man’s joyof what he found, that he did not hesitate to pay the cost.

The kingdom of God is notfarfrom you.

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