Sunday, September 15, 2013

“And Besides This Add to Your Faith” (Part 5)

Stairway of Christian Character
II Peter 1:5-7

      I.     The First Step is Moral Courage
The beginning of integrity is the determination to be who you are.  For the Christian, that means to be molded from the inside-out, not the outside-in.
     II.     The Second Step is Practical Wisdom
To have knowledge alone is not enough. To know how to apply knowledge is power for life.
   III.     The Third Step is Discipline
The development of understanding helps us recognize the best paths for our lives and enhances our self-control.
  IV.     The Fourth Step is Perseverance
With this new understanding and commitment we discover patience in the development of our faith and in the circumstances of life.
    V.     The Fifth Step is True Religion
The new character we are developing is expressed in our daily lives in a godly walk.  It is a natural walk no longer under law.
  VI.     The Sixth Step is Compassion
As our minds are changed our hearts are filled with brotherly love.
 VII.     The Goal is to LOVE like Jesus.
Agape love is the culmination of our transformation.  We now love all men as Christ and our life is lived on mission for God.

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