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The Church I Want to Serve

The Church I Want to Serve
Philippians 1:3-11

Unity has always been important in the church, and especially in times of transition. In Paul’s letter to the Philippians, we find him reminding the church that unity is what held them together through the challenges they had faced, and it would be necessary for the years ahead as well.   

The city was founded because of its strategic location.

Philippi had been elevated to the status of Roman Colony.

The gospel was uniting people from all levels of society in the church.

Paul’s joy is made complete, as the church comes together in unity.

      I.     Unified In Their Participation In The Gospel

Paul had many happy memories of the Philippians.

Fellowship is never passive in the meaning of koinonia, it is always linked to action, not just beingtogether, but also doing together.

    II.     Unified In Communion With Christ

Perfect = complete or mature

Growth is available for us, no matter our stage of life.

This is a call to believers to actively grow in their faith and knowledge of God, through communion with Jesus.

   III.     Unified with Paul’s Mission

  IV.     Unified in Love for One Another

Paul is reminding his readers that love is the main thing.

Self-centeredness results from disordered affections.

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