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The Jesus Way - The Way of Devotion

The Jesus Way
“The Way of Devotion”
Matthew 5:31-37 CSB


Key Truth: "To follow Jesus means to live out the values and principles of His Kingdom with our whole lives.”

Main Question: What does it mean for a Christ-follower to be completely devoted to Jesus and His Kingdom? 

1.    Devotion in relationships (vs. 31-32)

Differences in the Pharisees and Jesus’ ideas of divorce:

a.    The Pharisees were preoccupied with the grounds for divorce; Jesus with the institution of marriage

b.    The Pharisees called Moses’ provision for divorce a command; Jesus called it a concession to the hardness of human hearts.

c.     The Pharisees regarded divorce lightly; Jesus took it so seriously that, with only one exception, he called all remarriage after divorce adultery.  - John Stott, The Message of the Sermon on the Mount.


2.    Devotion in words (vs. 33-37)

     What motivates us to bend the truth and speak deceptively?

a.    We tell lies to avoid getting in trouble.

b.    We exaggerate to impress people.

c.     We tell half-truths to get away with something without a  guilty conscience.

d.    We lie to get out of doing things we don’t want to do.

e.    We agree to things we know we cannot do because we don’t want to look bad.

f.      We stretch the truth to give ourselves an advantage over others in relationshipsbusiness, or society.

After the Message: 
Read Joshua 24:1-28. What was Joshua’s challenge to Israel? How did they respond? Who or what will you devote your life to following today?  


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