Sunday, August 30, 2020

God’s Warrior from Manasseh Part 3

God’s Warrior from Manasseh Part 3
Judges 6-7

We are going to take a journey through Judges 6-7 and I hope over the next few weeks to look at the life of Gideon.  A defeated nation finds victory led by a common man.  This story is a lesson for people who discount themselves or are just ready to throw in the towel from constant defeat.        I.


      I.        A Sinful People Judges 6:1-2;7-10

    II.        A Defeated People Judges 6:3-5

   III.        The Extraordinary in the Midst of the Ordinary Judges 6:11

  IV.         A Coward or a Conqueror? Judges 6:12

    V.         Doubts from Despair Judges 6:13

  VI.        Weakness turns to Worship  Judges 6:14-24

 VII.        Real Worship Leads to Repentance Judges 6:25-27

VIII.        The Impact of One Man’s Commitment  Judges 6:28-34

  IX.    Confirming God’s Direction  Judges 6:36-40

·      Gideon believed that God was truly who He said He was, but he needed confirmation that He really was going to use him as He said.

·      If your view of God is not great enough to allow for miracles then you will not have faith to believe God for miracles.

·      Faith requires an understanding of God’s presence and power. It relies upon knowledge and fact and God will provide just that.

·      Most believers know how to talk to God through prayer, yet they are not so easily able to understand how to listen to God.

·      The primary forms through which God speaks to believers is through His Word and Worship (His Spirit).

·      Head and heart can lead you to a place of decision but then an act of the will is required to experience what God has for you.

Reasons for Not Asking God for a Sign:

·      To take a shortcut

·      To ignore God’s revealed will

·      To validate a decision you have already made

·      To avoid waiting

Questions To Determine If God Is Speaking:

·      Is this idea consistent with my gifting?

·      Will the execution of this idea cost me anything?

·      Will following this plan ultimately invest in people?

·      As I draw closer does this seem to look like a mirage or an oasis?

·      Is there an excitement stirred in me as well as close fellow believers?

God leads every believer to be a conqueror. No Christian can do everything, but every Christian can do something. God puts these somethings together to do everything.

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