Saturday, October 1, 2022

The Family I Want To Belong To

Sunday, October 2, 2022

The Family I Want To Belong To 

The family I want to belong to is supported by the CHARACTER of its leaders who PRIORITIZEscriptural values and are grounded in faith. Plus, we’re better able to deal with CHALLENGES that may come our way through poor choices or life situations beyond our control. 

Godly influences and navigating life experiences build principles of character in our life. Our knowledge and faith go from the head to the heart when we have to walk it and not just talk it. 

Having strong Christian character doesn’t guarantee we won’t face adversity. But challenge to us can reveal where our strength lies when things don’t go as planned.

The family I want to belong to is surrounded by a COMMUNITY of believers who are willing to walk life’s journey with us providing support, accountability, and spiritual guidance.

Our community of faith is built and grows just like it did for Joseph and Mary. We must learn what we not only know in our minds but experience (in our hearts) that God was with them and with us today

It is critical we find “common” + “unity” in our family and church. This group can often see us for who we are and the needs we have in life. But a united family and church also presents an opportunity to be the church to the world by the way we serve and love one another.

The family I want to belong to is sustained and strengthened by a CONSISTENT commitment to biblical faith walk and ministry that are shared with the next generation.

It can be difficult to maintain spiritual consistency in lives filled with busy activities, job or school pressures, and everyday relationships and responsibilities. We must be intentionalpersonal, and practical as we pass on our faith story in Jesus to the next generation.


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