Sunday, June 14, 2020

Power From On High

Power From On High
II Kings 6:1-7
God’s purpose is accomplished through God’s plan and His power.  Using fleshly power to try to accomplish a spiritual purpose is to invite frustration.  Jesus tells where to find Power From On High.
Analogy Explained
Elisha - represents God
Axe Handle - represents the church
Forest - represents the lost world
Axe Head - represents the Holy Spirit
How do you get an Axe head back?
 I.    First Admit That You Lost It 2 Kings 6:5
·         Our lack of ability must be replaced with our availability for the gift of power.
III.    Go Back To Where You Lost It 2 Kings 6:6
IV.    Trust God to Give It Back 2 Kings 6:6
V.    Reach Out and Grab It 2 Kings 6:7
VI.    Experience Spiritual Victory and Power  Luke 24:49
·         SPIRITUAL GAIN can only be made through SPIRITUAL POWER.
Characteristics of This Power
It Is Received Power
·         God's limitless task requires unlimited power from an unlimited God.
It is Spiritual Power

Results of This Power
We Are Transformed, Not Conformed
·         Sanctification is the carrying on to perfection the work begun in regeneration and it extends to the whole man.
·         The issue is not what sanctification is, but how it is accomplished
·         Conformation to God’s precepts and principles is not God’s transformation of our heart by His Word. 
·         God has promised to change us, not help us change ourselves. 
We Are Christ Filled, Not Just Christ Focused.
·         The presence of Christ secures my salvation.
·         My salvation is not secured by my imitation of Christ but by my participation in Christ. 
·         The presence of Christ empowers my service.
·         The presence of Christ is my victory. 
·         Victory is not something I achieve, but someone I receive into my life.
We Are Delivered, Not Just Strengthened

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