Sunday, November 18, 2018

“Thanks Be to God”

Romans 7:25a; Romans 8
While thanksgiving is known for gratitude for earthly blessings, there are greater blessings for us to give thanks for that are of an eternal nature.  The acts of God draw forth both gratitude and praise.  
Salvation through Justificationv.1-13   
We are Delivered:
FROMthe law of sin and death. v.2
THROUGHJesus Christ. v.3
TOfulfill the purpose of God. v.4
dailyBYthe Spirit of God. v.9-13
Not just a citizen but a sonv.14
Not just a slave but an heirv.15-16
Hope is not wishingbecause it has a reason... the resurrection and victory of Jesus Christ!
The Holy Spiritv.26-27   
Providential Carev.28-30   
·      Of the Physicalv.28
The completeness of God's control…
"We know"- All certainty
"all things"- All circumstances
"those who love God ... called"- All Christians
No experience can be isolatedto determine its ultimate, eternal value.
·      Of the Eternalv.29-30
Satan would have to condemnJesus to condemnus.
Prevailing Powerv.35-39   
·      There is the promise of problemsv.35-36

·      There is the promise of His presencev.35a,37-39

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