Friday, February 12, 2021

Hold Fast

Friday, February 12, 2021

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful; Hebrews 10:23

Never Lose Hope

We must never loosen our grip on what we believe, no matter what our circumstances are. The Confession of Jesus Christ is the Confession that we all need to make if we want to have eternal hope. Do you lack hope and expectancy? If so you need to make the good confession of faith in Jesus Christ.  Profess publically that you believe Jesus is God’s unique Son. That He died on the Cross for our sin; that He received the punishment we deserved and purchased our pardon from sin and hell by His shed blood; that He rose again conquering sin, death and the grave, and that He ascended back into Heaven and that He is coming again for His own. This confession is the foundation for all our hope and faith. 

Cynical voices try to erode our faith. Materialistic voices keep us too busy for God. The events of life seem to conspire to shake our faith. But we who confess Christ are to persevere in and by constantly confessing our belief.  Perseverance in confessing Christ is the evidence that we have received the promise of God. If our hope is based on the unfailing promise of God we should confess it confidently and boldly. Has God ever failed us? Is God not faithful to His people and to His promises for all who draw near in faith?

Let us hold fast the confession...

The Greek verb translated “hold fast” has the sense of holding firm, securing or tightening down our confession of hope. We must not go off balance or become unleveled as does a faulty foundation. We must not bend or yield to winds of pressure that blow upon us from a seductive yet hostile world.

There is reason to hold firm even though the circumstances of life appear to be haunting us. Even if things have become difficult and at the moment we feel there is little reason for keeping on. The One who made the promise “is faithful” and will not let us down. He does not count time in the short segments by which we count it; therefore, we should not let momentary discouragement cause us to turn away. Hang on; God is on His way with resources for endurance. Though things might become even more difficult God uses the very process of enduring, to discipline and strengthen you to grow His rich fruit in your life. The tragedies of today will become the triumphs of tomorrow.  God is faithful, and He is faithful to His promises.

A YOUNG PARATROOPER admitted that he had been frightened the first time he jumped. There was nothing but a big piece of fabric between him and death. What if that fabric accidentally ripped apart? What if his ripcord didn't work and the parachute failed to open?  But when he jumped, everything functioned perfectly. Supported by that life-preserving umbrella over his head, the soldier floated earthward. He said, "I had a release from fear and a marvelous feeling of exhilaration."

What about the promises God makes in the Bible? Will they uphold us in times of crisis? It all depends on whether we believe them to be God's promises or merely printed words, black marks on white paper, or simply the guesses of fallible human beings like ourselves. Because they are the promises of God, we can cling to them with assurance. This will bring relief from fear and impart a deep inner peace. Throughout the ages, our God has been trusted millions upon millions of times. And He has never been proven untrustworthy. So let's trust Him and add our personal testimony to that of the countless host of fellow believers who have found that our promise-keeping God is unfailingly faithful.

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