Sunday, September 9, 2012

We Proclaim Him

Colossians 1:13-29
Evangelism, the sharing of the "good news" that Jesus Christ has made provision for the sins of men, is the responsibility of every believer.  Utilizing each spiritual gift, God mobilizes the church into a mighty army performing the work of redemption.
I.    The Persons of Evangelism - v.13-27

A. God- creating the plan   v.13, 19-20

B. Christ - performing the plan   v.13-23

Salvation is in a person, not a message.  v.28 "we proclaim Him"

Jesus isv.14-23
·      the source of redemption. v.14a
·      our source of forgivenessv.14b
·      the Image of the Invisible God. v.15a
·      the first-born of all creation. v.15b
·      Creator as a part of the Godhead. v.16

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