Sunday, July 17, 2016

Jacob, Jabbok and Wrestlemania

Genesis 32:22-32
The stream of Jabbok is the second recorded spiritual encounter in Jacob's life.  The first was at a place called Bethel.  Jacob left Bethel with a spring in his step, but he left Jabbok with a lasting limp & a forever-changed heart. 
What transpired along the stream of Jabbok?

I. A Man Sought Solitude - v.22-24a

The conflict of life led him to be alone.
The character of his life led him to be alone.
The circumstances of his life kept him from being alone.

II. A Man Wrestled with God and Himself - v.24b-25a

A Theophany is a pre-Bethlehem appearance of the Lord Jesus Christ.
When pretense becomes past tense it often leads to common sense. 

III. A Man was Reclaimed by God - v.25b-32

A. He was a Broken man v.25b-27

·    He Was Clinging
If we insist on fighting the Lord, He will eventually bring us to the place where all the fight is gone.
·    He Was Confessing - He is forced to admit who he was.  In the Bible, receiving a new name signifies making a new beginning.
Like Paul, Jacob became strong only when he became weak. 2 Corinthians 12:1–10

B. He was a Blessed Man v.28-30

Jacob was no longer the "Deceiver", but Israel a "Prince with God."
The greatest blessings only come after a struggle.

C. He was a Branded Man v.31-32

When a man is walking with the Lord, he will almost always be out of step with the world!  2 Corinthians 5:17

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